London Marathon Runner for Forever Hope

16th April 2019

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Last year, Forever Hope was proud to watch as Lučka Kuhar ran the London Marathon for the first time, all whilst raising money for the Forever Hope Foundation. Having completed the race on the 22nd April, Lučka donated her £704 of raised money to Forever Hope, which went directly to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.


A first-time runner with no prior running experience at all, Lučka decided to throw herself into the London Marathon in her bid to raise money for Forever Hope. And that she did. Despite getting an injury during training in the weeks leading up to the biggest race in the country, Lučka powered through and managed to complete the race regardless.


Here at Forever Hope, we checked in with Lučka for a quick chat following the race and although her injury and the weather temperatures were battling against her, she knew it was all for a fantastic cause and had a great time doing it. Well done, Lučka!


2018 London Marathon


It was a difficult day for the runners of the London Marathon last year, hugely down to the weather in the heart of the UK’s capital. Finding themselves running the 26-mile race on the hottest London day on record, many were struggling to continue even from a relatively early mark.


Last year was the 38th annual London Marathon with an estimated 40,000 runners expected to take part. The race was hailed as an overwhelming success for the charities involved with a record-breaking £63.7 million being raised for good causes in one day. However, due to the blistering heat on the day, news soon hit of a devastating fatality. A 29-year-old male runner, Matt Campbell collapsed at the 22-mile mark, unfortunately passing away later that day in hospital.


If you’re planning to take part in the London Marathon this year, or any races for charity, always ensure to prepare in full and take care of yourself and your health on the day of the race. Here are a few top tips to prepare for race day and keep yourself safe.

  • Always train on the lead-up – Never underestimate a long race and don’t attempt to do it without serious and planned training beforehand.
  • Ensure you’ve given yourself the right fuel – This doesn’t just mean on the morning of the race but also on the lead up a few days beforehand. Carb-heavy foods, such as pasta, rice and potatoes will help to supply your body with the right amount of energy.
  • Keep hydrated – Begin hydrating hours before you begin the run to ensure your body has enough fluids already absorbed.
  • Warm up properly – Avoid injury by ensuring you give yourself a thorough warm up on the morning of the race.
  • Pace yourself – Starting too fast to get ahead in the beginning is a risk-heavy strategy. Pacing yourself is one of the most important parts of running a marathon.

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