As children we are taught by our parents, that when you find yourself in the position to do so, you should always help others. For us, helping others also means restoring hope.

The Forever Hope Foundation was set up by a small group of committed individuals to bring help and hope to people, no matter what they’re facing or where they are. We believe all children should have a chance of a bright future. This means that rather than focusing on a single cause, we fundraise and distribute funds to a variety of charities that support children, changing lives for the better and delivering help and hope to those who need it most.

Most people share this instinct to ‘give back’. But they don’t always know which charities to give to, aren’t confident their donation will make a difference or they’ve been turned off by traditional fundraising approaches. We want to change that. We educate and motivate people into action and create fun and meaningful ways for people to support charities. We know the Forever Hope Foundation can be a bridge for those who want to give, but don’t know how, or to who.

We’re lucky enough to be assisted by sponsors and companies who donate gifts-in-kind, as well as celebrity ambassadors who share their time and talents. This helps us raise substantial sums for the charities we partner with.

Our vision

A world in which all children have the tools and support they need for a bright future
the charities we partner with.

Our mission statement

To transform the lives of children by engaging with communities and like-minded organizations.

Shout outs

John Boyega at the Jameson Empire Awards

Daisy Ridley at the Jameson Empire Awards

Shane Meadows at the Jameson Empire Awards

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